Nightingale Buliyong

Nightingale Buliyong

In progress

Traditional Land Owners: Wurundjeri People

In a return to ‘the village’ model this project is part of a precinct development and an extensive park and urban realm by multiple Architects.

Kennedy Nolan worked in collaboration with Openwork on the initial masterplan for this approximately 6,400sqm site and are also one of 5 Architects on the successful team following an RfT process.

Northwalls is an opportunity for all on the team to build upon the lessons learnt in the process of Nightingale Village, including:

·         Collaborative design throughout all phases;

·         The fostering of 5 independent communities but with regard to consolidated infrastructure;

·         Monopolising on the efficiencies of a large-scale procurement for the construction of 284 dwellings whilst maintaining independent design agendas.

This is the practice’s third Nightingale project, and each new project provides an opportunity for development of the principles underpinning the model:

·         Exemplary environmental performance;

·         Program and plan innovation;

·         Buildings that support community – its own and beyond;

·         Economical but enduring construction systems, Nightingale projects are about achieving the most with the least.