Wyndham Cameron

Wyndham Cameron

Senior Project Architect

Wyndham is a Senior Project Architect at Kennedy Nolan. With an eye for detail and co-ordination, he is experienced in the design, documentation, and delivery of all scales of multi-residential buildings.

Prior to commencing with Kennedy Nolan, Wyndham has contributed at SJB, MA + Co and Fieldwork on a spectrum of projects, from smaller not-for-profit housing ventures to large scale commercial, residential, and multi-use undertakings across Melbourne.

Wyndham has an interest in holistic and socially conscious design, and pays particular interest to the sourcing, manufacturing, life cycle and design benefits of quality materials and contemporary technologies. He enjoys creating strong collaborative problem-solving relationships with project stakeholders so that projects can best benefit from the experiences of everybody involved.

Bachelor of Architectural Design
Bachelor of Property and Construction
Master of Architecture

Registered Architect (ARBV)
Member of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA)