Kennedy Nolan

westgarth award

A simple extension to an existing Edwardian weatherboard, this project punches well above its weight to deliver a considered, elegant home with a strong clarity of ideas and form.

The original entry to the existing house on a corner site was through the front garden and a small porch. By relocating the entry to the long frontage, flanked by a sculptural wall, visitors now enter directly into the kitchen, into the heart of the house. The kitchen creates a central nodal point that separates the private (existing) and public (new extension) spaces. The design is a nod to the suburban house of previous decades where guests would enter by the front door while family ducked in the back door directly. Here the arrangement highlights that this is a project without pretention that seeks to reinforce the values of family and home.

The main living room is generous and beautifully detailed, nothing has been dumbed down. Stacking windows are recessed into a cavity to allow the room to be seamless to the simple grassed garden beyond. A repeated birds-beak motif creates a playful silhouette on rainwater heads, fascia section and even the meter-box, and then again it is interpreted on the new picket fence which marches along the north boundary.

The strength of this project is its simplicity and delicate touch. Clever planning has resolved  the difficulty of the existing house and the clarity of the new extension balances well with the strong form of the existing building.