Kennedy Nolan



Kennedy Nolan currently has a vacancy in our team

We are looking for someone to work on our residential, educational and Nightingale projects

We are interested in talking to a range of people - from architectural graduate to recently registered architect

Contact us if you are someone who:

  • identifies with our design ethos

  • appreciates our valued office culture and wants to be involved

  • is flexible, has initiative and is interested in the world

Keep it brief & relevant

Please send CV & brief portfolio to Patrick & Rachel at by Friday 25th January

Some suggestions:

  • Keep it brief, we’re hiring because we’re busy
    Don’t show us everything you’ve ever done, highlighting the 3 most relevant items is much more useful

  • Keep it small, don’t destroy our email server
    Ideally no more than 5Mb - keeping file size small and resolution high is a valuable skill
    But keep it attached - links to online portfolios aren’t ideal for our review process & often don’t get viewed

  • Keep it clear, explain your level of experience/qualifications and the role that you want
    It is very helpful to quickly know if you are studying, graduated or registered & number of years of work experience