Kennedy Nolan
  Sacred Heart Primary   Client:
Catholic Education Office Project
Budget: $3 million Status:
Completed October 2010  The
upgrade and extension of Sacred
 Heart Primary
  School, transformed the school on a modest budget
in a demanding timeline. The priority of the school was the upgrade and
extension of a constricted 3 storey 1930s classroom block and the refurbishment
of the existing parish hall. By reviewing the opportunities and constraints of
the site as a whole, Kennedy Nolan was able to transform the school through a
series of modest external interventions while addressing the programmatic
requirements of the brief. 

involved modifying existing classrooms to create exciting, flexible activity
spaces connected to a new 3 level extension housing multi-purpose art,
discovery and IT learning areas. The design addressed issues of accessibility,
sustainability, traffic noise and allowed for an integrated teaching
curriculum. The parish hall, used by the school, the parish and the wider
community was refurbished to allow flexible use for both physical education and
recreation, and a centre for performing arts. 

school site was confined, a series of incongruent disparate buildings almost
randomly located around the perimeter of an asphalt desert that doubled as a
playground and parish car park. There was little sense of entry or public
address. A new stepped timber deck and ramp wraps a corner of the playground
area, creating an outdoor learning area directly off the existing classrooms,
addressing accessibility issues and defining the playground area. The school
entry was softened and transformed through planting and grass pavers which
identify the area as a shared pedestrian and vehicle zone, improve student
safety and create a sense of public address.   Photography by  Emma Cross       

sacred heart primary