Kennedy Nolan
  Hampton II     "We’re all familiar with the advantages of open plan living, where “a 
one for all and all for one” approach to family activities from cooking 
to television watching is meant to strengthen familial bonds. But the 
reality of having the dishwasher running at the same time as the 
television can be noisy and a source of irritation for some. In their 
extension of a 1938 clinker brick
 home in Hampton, Australia, Kennedy Nolan avoided the pitfalls of a one
 room open plan extension by adding a central corridor to the back of 
the house with a study/guest bedroom on one end and a living room at the
 other. Light, airy, and open, the visual connections between the spaces
 remain but at the same time they feel distinctly separate".    Christin  e Chang Hanway Remodelista, July 24 2013       Architectureau: Hampton House II (Jun 2013)    Photography by  Derek Swalwell      Plan      

hampton ll