Kennedy Nolan
  Hampton     This
project involved dealing with a low quality Edwardian house requiring extensive
additional accommodation.  The domestic
program is conventional and the planning strategy employed uses a courtyard
typology to impose hierarchy and order on a typically contingent Edwardian
arrangement.  The project attains some
distinction through its investigation of forms and materials which draw on a
re-framed Edwardian aesthetic. 

 The project investigates the themes of Arts and
Crafts design which can be related to the Edwardian house and also provide a
parti for new forms which sit adjacent. 
The forms accommodating the expanded program are generated by the
limitations of siting and take in to account orientation and views on and off
the site. Within these constraints, the architecture aims to resonate with the
abstractions of domestic form generated by Voysey and Mackintosh and the
building fabric is constructed utilising texture and
detail in the tradition of both the Arts and Craft movement and Brutalism –
movements which present a nexus of modernism and humanism.   "Kennedy Nolan’s work here shows a method for the rejuvenation of 
established suburbs that respects previous eras and remembers the 
personal histories embedded in individual houses, but does not seek to 
memorialize what has gone before. This Edwardian has been reinterpreted,
 not reiterated. Retailers of replica door knockers and the myriad other
 mass-market accoutrements of “heritage renovation” may well be 
disgruntled, but the rest of us should rejoice. After all, who would 
want to be ordinary when they can be extraordinary?"    Mark Scruby, Houses, August 2010     Photography by  Derek Swalwell         Plan