Kennedy Nolan
  George Street    On a site accommodating a non-descript factory
the Clients’ brief was for a best fit multiple residential building with
realisable commercial value.  The
existing factory building remains as a memory of the light industrial history
of this corner site in Fitzroy.  The new
building clearly expresses a change of use for its site and represents the
evolution of an inner city suburb. The new form that grows from this ground
floor masonry plinth is lightweight yet muscular in its form, blank in daylight
becoming delicate and transparent in the night.  The three dwellings are contained within a
collection of forms which are enigmatic. 
This building challenges the viewer to look up and decipher the meaning
and inner workings behind the silent, sober forms.  There is a trajectory of the building from
day into night.  Blank and inscrutable by
day, at night it transforms into a series of lanterns equally mysterious but
also public spirited in their illumination.  This project is part of a series of buildings
from this practice which attempt to re-interpret Brutalism in architecture,
seeking to capture the strength and drama of brutalist form and emphasise the
texture and luxury of blank surfaces, the possibilities of hand-crafted
modernism.     2004 Victorian Architecture Award - Multi-residential     Photography by  Derek Swalwell        Plan        

george street