Kennedy Nolan



Kennedy Nolan is looking for a student who is capable of handling any of the tasks that we throw at them

We are looking for someone who hasn’t yet completed their architectural studies

Contact us if you are someone who:

  • identifies with our design ethos

  • appreciates our valued office culture and wants to be involved

  • is flexible, has initiative and is interested in the world·        

  • has excellent communication skills

  • has an appreciation of design and graphic communication

  • has the ambition to contribute to the efficiency and success of the practice.

Keep it brief & relevant

Please send a ONE page response- we need you to get to the point fast, including:
Mini CV
What is your availability?
How might you be helpful?

Please send this to Patrick & Rachel at by Friday 9th August 2019

Some suggestions:

  • Keep it brief, we’re hiring because we’re busy
    Don’t show us everything you’ve ever done, highlighting only the most relevant items is much more useful

  • Keep it small, don’t destroy our email server
    Ideally no more than 5Mb - keeping file size small and resolution high is a valuable skill
    But keep it attached - links to online portfolios aren’t ideal for our review process & often don’t get viewed

  • Keep it clear and make sure you explain your level of experience/qualifications